SS1. Regulatory Challenges in the Translation of Wearable Robot to the End user (J.L. Pons, J.L. Contreras-Vidal)
SS2. Soft wearable robotics (C. Walsh)

SS3. Legal framework, Standardization and Ethical issues in WRs (J. Veneman, A. van Wynsberghe)
SS4. Benchmarking in WRs and related communities (D. Torricelli, J. Veneman)
SS5. Clinical focus in Rehabilitation and Assistive WRs (M. Molinari, J.L. Pons)  

SS6. Emerging technologies in WRs
(D. Lefeber, J.González)

SS7. New developments in wearable rehabilitation robotics (H. van der Kooij, M. Sartori, M. Sreenivasa)
SS8. Symbiotic control of WR, The BioMot project (J. Moreno, A. del Ama)
SS9. Neural interfacing with WR (J.L. Contreras-Vidal, Lee Kyuhwa)

SS10. Emerging application domains for WRs (J. Gancet, M. Ilzkovitz, P. Letier)
SS11. Funding & regulatory challenges in Wearable Robots